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No Time to Grow Your Wedding Business?

Don't worry!  We'll post to social media, set you up as the expert worth booking, email your leads and develop your Google ads so that you don't have to!

How this works




We are a caffeine driven, results based group of marketing creatives who have been relieving the work load for wedding professionals since 2008. No long term contracts!  No set-up fees!

Ask about our 100% money back guarantee!"

Trusted by Every Type of Wedding Professional 

"Excellent Work."

"The cross promoting with other vendors that you do on my behalf is EXCELLENT."

- Wedding Expo Producer

"I Don't Have to Think About It."

"I don't have to think about posting to social media or writing blog articles. It's just done.

- DJ

"I Can Focus on Other Things."

"I've been a client for over 5 years because this allows me to focus on other parts of my business."

- Caterer

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  • What is the process?
    After you sign up you're assigned an Account Manager who will get to know your company brand, who your ideal client is and then they take that information to the team. We then come up with your first set of Facebook & Instagram posts and blog articles. After the first week, we assess the results and change anything necessary. Most of the time we're spot on right from the get go. However, continuous auditing of your account attributes to the campaigns success.
  • What do you post and create?
    Our goal is to set you up as the expert so that travelers book with you directly. Facebook: Once a week, we design a Facebook post that uses the same photo we use in your blog article to brand the entire campaign. In the written part of the post we include a link back to that weeks blog article to ensure blog readership. Instagram: Once a week, we design an Instagram post that uses the same photo we use in your blog article for branding purposes. We use popular hashtags that correlate with the blog article in order to grab the attention of travelers. Since Instagram doesn't allow hyperlinks, we encourage blog readership using the hashtags and draw attention to your website link in your profile. Blog Articles: Since we follow the popular travel tips, trends and destinations closely we know what travelers are interested in. We use that information and write the blog articles that set your company up as the expert so that you start the trust building process. We also add keywords and local metatags throughout the articles in order to grab the attention of search engines. At the end ofeach blog article we include a call to action ("Still looking for a hotel in St. Augustine, Florida? Check out what we offer." OR "Still looking for a travel agent who can book you the right tours and hotels in Africa? Give us a call."), ......and that's what turns lookings into bookings.
  • Is this a long term commitment?
    NO! Our packages are month to month. Although your account will auto-renew, you may cancel with a 7 day notice and you won't be charged again.
  • Is the content generic?
    NO! It is created specifically for your wedding company.
  • How many wedding professionals like me, in my area, do you work with?"
    We only work with up to 4 wedding professionals like you within 50 miles of you.
  • What happens to the content if I quit?
    Nothing! What we post stays on your account unless you remove it. We don't do anything with it.
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