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COVID-19: 10 Ways to Prepare Your Business

It is no longer strange news that gathering in large numbers has been banned in some places in a bid to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As a result of these restrictions, many concerns have surfaced as to how the wedding and event industry will be affected due to the rising fears over covid-19.

Amidst all the uncertainties, we are here to give you 10 ways you can keep your business running and not sink in these trying times. Let's get started.

1. Try not to Panic

Panic doesn't get you anywhere. Quit panicking and get educated on the happenings from reliable sources. In order for you to be able to take control of the situation and answer questions thrown at you by your clients, you need to have a good understanding of the present happenings. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are reputable sources.

2. Make use of your Network

Having people you can always rely on is a vital lifeline, especially during a crisis. Knowing that there are people who have your back is a huge gain. Therefore, make use of this important fact and get help from your fellow professionals in the field. Confused about where to find them or how to find them? Facebook, WIPA, or even ILEA are readily available sources. You just say hi or drop them an email.

There are also different platforms when professionals in a field come together and discuss ways and ideas to help each other pass through difficult situations in business. You can find them out through a simple internet search.

3. Make Adjustments on Your Timeline

Update your normal ordering timelines according to current developments. This will enable you to advise your clients. Remember, it is to your advantage to play safe even though there are no delays to some products.

Normally, it takes international dress designers 12–16 weeks to manufacture wedding dress but now, those timelines have grown to 16–25 weeks. Though this will not affect couples now, it will affect those who are shopping for Spring or Fall.

4. Ensure Your Contract Is Intact

Create time to get an attorney who will go through your contract and update it with current developments, which include cancellations and even majeure language. This attorney must have a specialty in contract law. You can discuss any issues that may arise or options available to handle such issues.

Sometimes your clients can request to have their event rescheduled. In this case, you can consider taking the reschedule or allowing a transfer of date, even though it is not in your contract to do so. But you will not give any additional charges or restrictions.

5. Know Your Financial Situation

There is no doubt, there are going to be wedding cancellations and reschedules within this period. You should be able to effect quick cancellations and have a clear deposit policy that sufficiently answers clients' questions.

It is also very important to have an emergency fund available for you to rely on when the need arises because your expected cash flow will dwindle.

We are in times when one needs to be smart with expenditures and cut down excess expenses that are not needed. BUT, do not cancel your marketing budget. Everyone needs to know that you are strong, positive for the future and a beacon of stability. That's what will get you the bookings moving forward.

6. Stay Positive and Be Patient

There will be changed appointments. Others will be rescheduled or changed from physical meetings to video calls. It is certain to have many new questions and situations arising. Remember that both you and the clients are treading on an uncharted path, so do all you can to attend to your clients well. Reassure them of your availability to them by chatting with them, being mindful of them on social media and what you post.

7. You Have to Over-communicate

As a professional who has helped organized many weddings, remember that the couple may be first-timers. So, expect lots of questions. You must expect that your clients will be relying more on you now because they see you as an expert in planning weddings.

Even though there is no one-rule-fits-all way to process and handle situations of uncertainty, your clients rely on you to point them to the best choice. So post, post, post on social media and write, write write on your blog and via emails.

You should have a proactive approach in giving suggestions to your clients.

8. Try to Cut Down Shared Surfaces

In an even of a flu outbreak, people forget that sharing surfaces such as serving utensils, IPads, or photo booths provide equal opportunities for the spread of germs as do opening public doors or pressing elevator buttons.

9. Cross Borders Using Technology

It is very certain that many people will stay at home to avoid exposing themselves to infection at any wedding ceremony they originally were to attend. Because of this, you should think of creative ways for the couples to share the celebration with them.

An event planner went as far as installing 360°virtual cameras at his event center to enable people to stream the occasion live.

10. You Must Take Care of Yourself

Lastly on our list is the most important for your business. You must stay healthy both mentally and physically to be able to provide quality services to your clients. Staying healthy can mean different practices, from regular rest to observing good personal and public hygiene. You must create time to do things that help you stay healthy.

You can get reliable information and updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

We hope this has been helpful and you will follow them to keep your business running even through these times. We will continue to give you information on how to uphold your business and the industry.

If you need help with what to say on social media, in emails or your blog articles, please call or email us. We have hired additional marketing staff to help you articulate the right responses and create the proper content so that you continue to showcase your expertise as a stable wedding professional.

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