How to Market as A Wedding Professional with Changes Due to Virus

The world as we knew it is changed and especially impacted by changes is the way weddings are done.  With social distancing and smaller groups being allowed many couples are having to adjust their wedding plans.  How can you as a Wedding Professional keep yourself on the minds of couples who are planning for their wedding?

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Because of the fear of the virus and the possible spread from one infected person many couples have decided to have an outdoor ceremony.  This may not have been their first choice and so they may have no idea where to start and are frustrated that they must change their original vision of what the wedding day would look like.  That is where you as a wedding professional steps in.  Ease their minds with ideas that will help them see a new vision and maybe even be better than the one they had pictured.  Use your Blogs to give tips on ways to decorate if you are a venue.  Have clear photos of your grounds and ideas of what to do with the space.  

  • Because of the size restrictions in force when it comes to wedding ceremonies couples have decided instead of postponing the wedding to have a smaller more intimate ceremony.  But because they are unable to have everyone that they wanted there to witness their love some have decided to have multiple ceremonies.  This ensures that family and friends can all be in attendance.  Many have also decided to add a virtual aspect as well.  Don’t miss out on getting yourself up to date on all the changes.  Keep informed through Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook.  Add in tips and trends in your wedding profession and get people involved in Social Media conversations.  This keeps you current and on the minds of those who are planning a wedding. For instance, if you are a wedding DJ post idea of how to get those who are tying in virtually involved in the festivities. 

  • Another issue that may arise is that because so many couples postponed their plans in the summer of 2020 due to the virus there may so many weddings planned on the weekends of 2021 that some may need to have a weekday wedding.  Although this may not seem traditional you as a wedding professional can use this information to help those who are struggling with the idea.  Many brides who would plan their own weddings are turning to wedding planners for help because of this trend.  Some have found that it is overwhelming to deal with all the changes that have come along with the virus.  As a wedding professional use your website, blog and social media to address these sorts of concerns. 

Change sometimes seems overwhelming but it can also be refreshing.  It is all in how you look at it.  As a wedding professional you can stay in the game.  Need help with your Social Media?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.