How to Market for The Trends of Fall 2020

We are now in the Fall season and although most brides plan their wedding for a Summer month there are some who love the feeling Fall brings and want to incorporate that feeling into their wedding.  What are some of the ways you as a Wedding Professional can get a hold on these brides to book with you?

Here are some tips to try out.

  • With the Fall trends come warm, inviting colors.  Think candlelight and beautiful table coverings.  The Corona Virus has changed the look of weddings in more ways than one.  Gone for now are the days of large weddings and receptions.  The more intimate wedding has become a must in the times that we are in.  As a wedding professional go with this trend and promote ideas in your field that will go with the Fall feel.  For instance, are you a bakery?  Be sure to market cakes that go with the theme of a Fall event.  Create unique and out of the box ideas to draw client in and want to make an appointment to discuss your ideas.

  • Bridal Gowns and Grooms wear are important with the trends of Fall.   Brides are looking for gowns that will complement the Fall theme.  Think long sleeves and gowns with capes. Some brides are even deciding on gowns with color.  Grooms also can do more deep colors for ties to go with the fall theme.  If you are a boutique that specializes in gowns be sure to use your Social Media such as Instagram and Pinterest to give tips that will add to the elegance of the occasion while keeping in mind the brides wishes. 

  • Another trend that is picking up pace is longer wedding events.  Instead of the traditional wedding day many couples are having wedding weekends.  They spend more time enjoying the experience with friends and family.  With restrictions on the number of people who can attend the wedding this trend has worked out for many.  They spend time doing activities and spread the festivities out over a period of days.  Use knowledge of this trend to add to the tip list.  Make suggestions on things do to on a wedding weekend.  Post questions on Instagram and Facebook about what other couples have done and get the conversations going.  Interacting with potential clients is a good way to build your list of contacts.

Keeping up with all the changes that we are experiencing today is important.  Make yourself stand out as the expert in your field.  Need some help keeping on top of this task?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.