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How to Market for Winter Weddings 2020

Can you believe that this crazy year of 2020 is in October already?  With all the quarantining and social distancing, we have had to get accustomed to it seems like the year would last forever.  Now that some of the restrictions have lessened in some states how do you as a Wedding Professional get your name out there to couples who are planning their wedding for this winter?

Here are a few ideas to try.

  • With the Corona Virus we have had to learn that we may not always be able to plan months and months in advance.  This has been true when it comes to couples who are planning to get married this year.  Some have decided that with the restrictions on the number of guests who can attend their nuptials that they do not have to have a ton of time to plan that they can have a more spontaneous day.  So as a Wedding Professional be sure to be on your toes with your Social Media and make sure you are putting your ideas for shorter planned weddings out there.  Are you a bridal gown boutique and you have a stock of dresses that can be bought on site and that can be custom fitted on a quicker date?  Make sure this is being put on your website and your Social Media for brides to find and book a fitting with you.

  • Winter Weddings tend to have a more intimate, warm feeling to them.  Think long sleeves and fur coats or candles and fireplaces.  If you are a vendor that offers an indoor venue with fireplace and a cozy feel showcase this on your website.  Be sure that you are using your website to the fullest.  Change the look and feel of your site with the season and trend that is happening at the time.  The more up to date and fresh your website is the more people will frequent it and use your expertise for their big day.  

  • Flowers also have more of a use than just the bouquets and boutineers, especially could be true for a winter wedding.  Many are using floral arrangements as decorations such as flower canopies to add a more closed in, intimate feel.  As a flower boutique be sure to put your unique spin on what you can do to create an individual experience for a couple.  Write blog articles and use vivid photos to bring your visions to life.  

Well here we are almost another year down and hopefully 2021 will be less craziness.  But if not, keep pivoting and staying up with the changes.  Need someone to help you out in this area?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.

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