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Marketing Tips for the Upcoming 2021 Wedding Season

With the last of 2020 flying by and most people happy that it is there are many who are looking forward to planning their wedding in the upcoming year.  Now is the time that many couples are deciding on what, where, who and when to include in their big day.  How can you as a wedding professional make sure that you are among the list of professionals that they are booking with?

Here are some tips to include in your marketing.

  • As always it is important that you are keeping up regularly with your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook.  Are you posting daily to both avenues?  If so, that is great!  But how often are you posting?  To stay up with the competition it is important to make sure that you are posting fresh, relevant content.  Are you staying on top of the current trends that are taking shape for the upcoming wedding season?  For instance, if you are a bridal dress boutique what are the brides to be looking for in a gown or how about for their bridesmaid's dresses?  Get potential clients involved in conversations, post tips and perhaps you could even have live videos to show the dress trends that you have in stock.  Whatever it is that you decide to showcase is up to you but be sure you are posting regularly.  

  • Blogging about your profession is also important.  However, what you blog about is also important.  Brides looking for wedding professionals to use at their wedding are looking for professionals who are just as invested in their day as they are.  Show how much you care about each individual couple that you work with.  Offer solutions to common issues that come up for couples planning their wedding.  For instance, with the Corona Virus still putting limitations on some of the way's weddings are done couples may be looking for professionals who are current with the restrictions in their area.  Use your blog articles to show what you have done to prepare for this seasons weddings with this concern in minds. 

You Social Media, Blog articles and website should reflect your brand and what you have to offer that sets you apart from other Wedding Professionals in your area.  Be sure to keep up with it regularly!  Need some assistance to get this done?  Check out our Social Media Packages here.

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