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Q&A About Running a Wedding Business During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

QUESTION: "The questions I have are about posting on social media. As a wedding photographer who posts content (ideas on wedding photos, behind-the-scenes, creative thoughts, etc.) daily on Instagram, my fear of continuing my posts is that some people may consider it as being insensitive and out of touch with the interests of ordinary people in a time of global crisis. What is your take on posting about wedding photography, and how often do you think I should share posts?"

ANSWER: During a crisis, people are generally divided into two groups concerning posts on social media.

The first group is of the opinion that business should continue as usual and people should disregard anything negative that's happening. In other words, people should focus only on growing or maintaining their businesses.

The second group is of the opinion that every activity should be suspended so that people can focus totally on the crisis.

As we can well see, activities in the wedding and event industry have suffered a huge decline as a result of the restrictions in various places put up by the government. But it is of our opinion that you can still post about weddings and not appear to ignore all that's happening.

Rather than having an optimistic view that tries to pick out the good in horrible situations, hoping for a better outcome, there are those who have the toxic positivity that turns deaf ears to reality. They tend to dismiss all facts, refuse to accept the present realities, hence pretend everything is alright.

In the face of a crisis like this, things happen that are beyond people's control. You have no idea who will get sick, who won't, or who will recover or not.

So, you should build your brand via social media posts by being trustworthy and not fostering a hoax, spreading false promises.

After saying these, we know that weddings symbolize hope, love, family, commitment, and the community. These are values that should be celebrated. Owing to these values, the subject of weddings is received with joys that give people some form of a breakaway from the more heavy news. Because of these, we are always excited when we hear about celebrities tying the knot or a new, pretty wedding trend.

Going through a feed that shows the joys experienced at weddings can be a source of mental relief in the face of heartbreaks, health pandemics, natural disasters, and the likes. For this reason, providing a platform for people to be able to relieve themselves from stress is worth the effort, even if you are marketing your business in the process.

We'll now give you some tactics you can use to shield yourself against being seen as tone-deaf. One thing you can do is create a post feed that will make people know that you are not negligent of the present happenings. This feed will make them know of any backup plans you are having and also provide a place for your followers to find inspiration when overtaken by emotions and need to relax.

You can also schedule days that your posts will talk about business issues that relate to the COVID-19 outbreak. Let them know your posts on these scheduled days will dwell on the non-glamorous updates that they can count on.

You can decide to keep your feeds pretty as usual but maintain steady Instagram stories that show you behind-the-scenes. Here, you become more real.