Tips on Including the Groom in Marketing

Updated: Jun 16

When you think of a wedding day most people’s minds automatically go to the bride and her day.  However, grooms are wanting to be part of the action now a days.  Most marketing is targeted towards the bride as she is the one who typically always starts all the planning and purchasing for the wedding day.   So how do you as a Wedding Professional stand out as a professional who wants the groom to feel included as well?

Here are some ideas to get those grooms turning your way.

  • Appeal to his manly side.  Although the wedding day has been on the mind of the bride for many years that doesn’t mean that the groom wants his ideas to be ignored.  After all he is half of the couple.  Promote ideas as a Wedding Professional that he will get excited about.  For instance, if you are a caterer give some ideas about the drinks that could be offered at the reception.  If they are having an open bar the idea of beer and whiskey may be more appealing to him than sweet drinks with basil leaves.  He will be a hit with all his guy friends and make him feel like it's his day as well.

  • Post tips and trends that men would enjoy.  Although men are not as vocal as women about what they are searching for on the internet you can bet that many men are hiding behind their computer screens searching for ways to look good in their tux on their wedding day.  So, if you are a tux shop offer them tips on fit and style that fit their body type.  Does the tux have to be black or do they even have to wear a tux?  How about a nice suit?  Give them ideas to change it up and stand out as the groom. 

  • Wedding Grooming.  It is not just the ladies who get all dolled up on their wedding day anymore.  The groom wants to look good for his bride when she walks down the aisle to him.  Perhaps you could open a discussion on one of your Social Media platforms and see what men are doing to prepare themselves for their big day.  Men like to be social just like women.  Believe it or not a lot of men want to know what other men are doing.  They just don't say so.  So, start the conversation for them!