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Tips on Marketing your Business with Corona Virus Restrictions

You have spent countless time and energy on your business as a Wedding Professional and so of course your livelihood is the most important.  With all the restrictions in place because of the Corona Virus how do you as a wedding Professional make your client happy while making sure your business if following the rules and not being put in jeopardy? 

Here are some ways to market your profession while still following the rules.

  • When you are marketing whether on Facebook, Instagram or a blog be sure you know the rules in your area.  The restrictions from the Corona Virus are different in every state and county so be sure that you have the correct information before you put together your marketing material.  And be sure to update your material as there are changes constantly.  One-week things are shut down the next they could be open but with size restrictions.  For example, if you are a vendor you may be restricted in the number of guests a couple can have at their wedding.  Be sure to be up front with your couples when you meet about the restrictions and how they can affect your business if not followed.

  • Because things have changed there may need to be a change to the way that your contract will read.  You may need to change the wording that includes restrictions from the Corona Virus listed in detail.  You could also make sure that your website is up to date and changed as needed as things are tightened or eased depending on where your Wedding Profession is located.

  • Market new ideas that could replace the old way of doing things.  You may have to be a little more creative when it comes to suggesting new ways of having events that we have been so used to.  For example, if your Wedding Profession is a venue you could offer to set up a package where those who are unable to attend due to a size limit can join by zoom.  That way even though they can’t be there in person they will not have to miss the special day all together.

The Corona Virus has sent waves of change throughout the world but that doesn’t mean that we can’t ride that wave effectively.  Marketing is an effective way to get your business name known no matter what aspect of the Wedding Profession you are.  Are you still unsure of how to navigate this new way of marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.

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