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2 Tips on Marketing to Bride’s Looking to Include Children in Wedding

There are bride’s who would like to include children in their wedding. This could be a son or daughter, son or daughter to be, niece, nephew or a friend’s child. No matter what the situation may be there are unique ways to include a child (or more) in the wedding festivities. How can you as a wedding professional make sure that you are reaching brides with your ideas?

Here are some things to think about.

  • If you are a party planner there are many unique ways that you can suggest including children in either the wedding ceremony (parents expressing commitment to step children to be) or the reception (child performing a unique act) or maybe you want to offer a fun way to keep kids entertained at the reception. (think of setting up some outdoor games thank you corona virus). Despite the fact that we are still in the midst of social distancing, weddings can continue under certain restrictions such as an outdoor venue. Do you have ideas that couples will find useful for their children? Use your social media account to share these. Make posts that are relevant for the times that we are in and that will bring excitement to a year of disappointment. Ask for suggestions from those who have used entertainment at their receptions tailored to children and see what has worked. Interaction with clients and potential clients is key and should be done regularly.

  • Perhaps a bride will want to include a child or children in the wedding party (flower girl/ring bearer). Are you a wedding gown boutique that also offers attire for children? Do you have something that sets you apart from other boutiques that a bride may find unique and would make her day even more special? Or how about a cake shop that has a package set up to include children in the cake tasting? Use your blog articles to showcase some of your service that would appeal to a bride looking for a custom service. Write articles that would help a bride who is searching for something to set her day up as different from other weddings that her guests have attended. Do you have a blog article? If so, are you using it to its fullest ability? If not, you should think about adding one.

Marketing is an important aspect to any business. If done correctly you will set yourself up as the expert in whatever field you are in for the wedding industry. Need some help getting things set up and taking care of regularly? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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