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3 Tips on Marketing to Engaged Couples Throwing Mini Weddings

Not every bride dreams of a big wedding. Some prefer a more intimate wedding with just a few select family and friends. Many couples have chosen to have a mini wedding and forgo a large, over the top event. So, how do you as a wedding professional target this type of client?

Here are some tips to keep you in the loop as couples search for their mini wedding needs.

  • Couples who prefer to have a smaller wedding are looking for professionals who will give the same time and attention to a smaller event as they would a large one. Just because the wedding may be small does not mean they will want details skipped over.   Be sure to be on the list of wedding professional who are offering their services to support this growing need.  Bog articles, Facebook and Instagram posts are imperative to keeping yourself in the running.

  • Offer the whole package.  Make sure when you market that what you offer and don’t offer is clear.  Mini weddings can be a package deal.  Prepare different levels of packages that offer different services.  For instance, a couple may want to have the venue, flowers, photographer, reception food, etc. included in the price.  While another couple may already have some of the details like photographer and flowers taken care of.  Be flexible with each couple as they are not wanting the same things. 

  • Email marketing is a great way to keep your brand on the minds of those who know you and new potential clients.  Offer an incentive for signing up for your emails.  It can be monetary, or it could be tips and trends.  For instance, you could offer a percentage off a service or it could be an offer of getting great ideas sent to them via email.  Whatever it is that you decide, be sure to make it a benefit for them to sign up.

Keep yourself on top as the expert in your field.  Still feeling apprehensive about how to navigate this task?   No problem that is what we do.  Let us set you up as the expert and you take care of the bookings.  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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