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Tips on Marketing Your Wedding Services

Whether it’s wedding decorations you offer or catering services, you need to master the use of the internet to attract brides that will hire your service since brides go online when it comes to getting wedding inspiration. Bridal Marketing Group has listed these great tips that we truly feel will be beneficial to you.

· Start a Wedding Blog: A blog that is centered on all things wedding-related is a great way to be easily found by new brides searching the internet for who to hire to take care of their wedding arrangements. Here, you get to put all the necessary information about the services you offer. Offer tips and trends that are relevant and of use for the bride to be. Make sure to be regular and use photos that will inspire.

Your blog design must be attractive because, in this business, looks are everything. Make sure you capture, in a photo story form, all the weddings you have catered to. You can include tips on not just bridal fashion but make-up, financial planning for the wedding itself and even honeymoon; finance is a big part of weddings after all. Do not forget to put a call to action at the end of your blog posts to urge the readers to employ your services.

· Be a Consistent Presence on Social Media: Social media is a great way to generate traffic and leads to your website. The top social media sites for people involved in providing wedding services are Facebook and Instagram.

You can tap into this marketing avenue by keeping your audience engaged with your constant presence through fun wedding videos, running online contests for couples, and more importantly, constantly updating your social media pages and handles with the photographs of recent weddings you catered to (after getting permission from the clients involved of course).

· One quick tip: Have a brand identity which is basically the perception you want clients to have of you. Let this be seen across all your platforms: Your brand name, logos, and tagline.

Marketing your business can be challenging because of all the time you need to put into making content, consistently uploading online and still engaging with prospective clients. This is why you should let Bridal Marketing Group help ease off this burden from you. We are the ultimate solution to the content marketing problem your wedding business has. Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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