How to Attract Engaged Couples and Book More Weddings

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

It’s been years since Google declared content as the ultimate royalty of the online marketing world. And everyone took it as a golden rule. As a wedding business, you really need to harness its power in order to book more weddings.

book more weddings using content marketing
Content is king! Write and post like your wedding business depends on it..because it does.

What are some of the essential content marketing tips to follow as a wedding professional?

  • Data, data, data. Do not go blindly into the dark night of writing content that is not based on real data. Your Google Analytics is a treasure trove of goodness in terms of free data. Yes, Google Analytics can feel intimidating – but once you get the gist, you will be able to extract all sorts of information on who your visitors are and what they actually like to see and read on your site.

  • Graphics! Good photos and general graphics are essential when it comes to making your content pleasing to engaged couples and thus moving them down the sales funnel.

  • A purpose. Simply writing is not enough. Write to attract brides and grooms, and ultimately, write to educate them. More than anything, engaged couples want information and inspiration when they are online – and good content can create a bridge between their needs and what you sell.

  • Promotion. SEO, social media, paid traffic, re-hashing an article into multiple forms of content (video, slideshow, etc.) – these tactics can really boost the traffic on each piece you publish on your blog.

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