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2 Tips to Help Brides Choose Their Summer Wedding Gown

Before we know it, summer weddings will be in full swing. Many brides have had to postpone their wedding and are now scrambling to put things together last minute. Even though most brides first thing off their checklist is choosing a gown, there are brides that wait until the last minute. So how can you as a Wedding Gown Boutique reach this type of bride?

Here are some tips to help in this area of marketing.

  • Make sure that brides looking for last minute gowns can find your website. Once they can locate you ask yourself a few questions. Do I have a list of gowns that I have available in store that they can take home last minute? What about alterations that need to be made? Is your website easy to maneuver so that they can see clear and beautiful photos that will motivate them to make an appointment to try on the gowns? Is your contact information readily available? These are important questions when setting up your website for ease of use. How about a blog article? Writing blogs on finding the right gown for different personalities, body shape and size and season are all important content. Don’t have a blog? You may want to consider adding one or having one added for you. Brides are constantly looking for information to help them while planning their wedding and since the gown is one of the most important aspects of a wedding you don’t want to miss adding your expertise to the mix.

  • Don’t forget the power of Social Media. No matter where you look today people are always on their phones and computers whenever they have time to research. This includes the wedding market. Especially are millennials always looking for the newest and greatest when it comes to trends and tips when trying to decide on which gown to choose. Post regularly on Instagram and Facebook and make sure the posts are motivating your target audience. Keep their attention and make them want to come back again and again to see what you as the wedding gown expert has to say.

Marketing is important not only for growing customers but also for gaining trust of future clients. They want to know that they have found the company that will listen and put their needs first. Need some help when it comes to marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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