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2 Tips to Help Brides Searching For the Perfect Gown

As we continue to navigate the changes due to Corona virus brides are still in the planning process of their rescheduled or soon to come wedding day. Searching for a gown in the midst of this virus can seem overwhelming. As a bridal boutique how can you help to ease the frustration of shopping for a gown during this time?

Here are some tips to help you market to these brides.

  • Many boutiques have pivoted the way the shopping process goes. For instance, can you set up virtual appointments with brides? A helpful way to do this is to advertise your ideas and services on your website and social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Let you clients and potential clients know what you offer when it comes to virtual appointments. Perhaps you could offer a number of consultations starting with a visit with the bride to find out what she is envisioning for her gown. Then when you meet for the next visit you will have gowns ready to show. Ask questions on your social media to see what brides would like on a virtual appointment. Brides like to have their people (mom, mom in law to be, best friend and so forth) with them as they choose a gown. Do you have ideas that will make this virtual appointment just as special? Let them know!

  • Use your blog articles to offer tips on what will make the process of looking for a gown easier and still be enjoyable while searching for what they want online. Write articles that will give them inspiration. Perhaps you can offer suggestions on what the best shape for their body type, ideas of gown colors if a bride is not wanting a white gown, tips on accessories, gown length and what is trending now. Use photos of gowns that you are able to order of gowns that you have in stock for brides who may need a spur of the moment gown. Brides are looking for guidance in this search now more than ever because of all the changes that we have had to adjust to. Be sure that you are offering you expertise and that you will be the boutique they will purchase their dream gown from.

Despite the changes, brides are moving forward in the planning stages. Make sure you are keeping your media fresh and relevant! Need some assistance in this area? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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