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2 Tips to Reach Couples Looking for the Perfect Wedding Invitations

With the 2021 wedding season coming up now is the time for couples to start to think about and order their wedding invitations. With the restrictions as of right now still on as far as Social Distancing and size of crowds couples have had to rethink their weddings and receptions. However, Wedding Invitations are still necessary when it comes to the wedding. How can you as a Wedding Professional who does invitations be sure to get to these couples and set yourself apart?

Keep these tips in mind.

  • With all the changes that the Pandemic has brought on this year many couples have had to think a bit differently when it comes to planning their wedding than what they originally had in mind. Because many people have become more aware of their surroundings and the importance of family and keeping everyone safe, they have also become more aware when it comes to the earth and being more sustainable. This has crossed over into using sustainable wedding initiations, such as recycled paper and plantable seed paper. Is this something that you offer and have ideas to share? Then make this known in your marketing. Post on your blog of different sustainable paper or other ideas you have come across in your expertise. Couples love to read blog articles that are full of creative and unique ideas to add to their day. Do you make full use of your blog articles? If not, now is the time to do so.

  • Other trends that are picking up for wedding invitations are monograms for an added personal effect to the invitations, adding a bit of sophistication and glamour are metallics and glitters and for the minimalist and those wanting a more modern design is simple lettering and less clutter. Do you have a design for each of these different couples? Use your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook to get your artistic designs out there. Do you cater to personalized or unique couples? Let people know that! Post exciting ideas that set your company up as the expert and as different from the place down the street that sales wedding invitations. Couples want to see what the latest and greatest ideas are and something that will make their wedding invitations stand out.

Even though the look of the wedding season may be changing that does not meant that the essential parts of weddings will be changing. Wedding Invitations are a big part of the wedding planning. Be sure that couples are finding you and you are informing them with ideas to inspire! Need some help? Check out our Social Media packages here.


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