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2 Tips to Reach Couples Who Want to Elope

Some couples have chosen not to wait to say, “I do.” So instead of rescheduling their wedding day they have decided to elope. Because of the pandemic more stress has been added to couples who are planning their big day. Who do the leave out of the ceremony due to social distancing? Where can they have the event? These and many more concerns are plaquing their already hard to make choices. So instead of dealing with the added frustration couples have decided to elope. How do you reach these couples with your marketing?

Here are 2 tips.

  • Even though a couple has made the hard decision to elope does not mean that they want the ceremony or its surroundings to be any less special than what they had envisioned in their early planning stages. It is just out of necessity for some couples that this turn of events has come about. Therefore, they will still need the basic wedding needs. For instance, are you a venue that can offer a space for couples who want to elope? Perhaps you have packages that include a ceremony, food, cake, and accommodations. If so, be sure to market this on your website. Specify that these are special packages for this type of wedding. Couples looking to elope may also want to include family and friends in a celebration of their love later. This is another terrific way to make the most of future bookings. Do you offer a discounted package for this type of couple? Let them know about it.

  • Couples who are choosing this option of elopement are still shopping for specific things to include in their private more intimate ceremonies. Use your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook to as couples what they are wanting to include. Open the conversation up to get people talking about what they have done and what other couples planning their elopement want. The more information that you have to offer when it comes to tips and trends the more couples are going to visit your site and social media accounts. This in turn creates more traffic and hopefully more customers for your business.

Although this has become a trend out of changes this trend may stick around for the near future. So, do not get left behind. Keep your marketing up to speed with the changes that are moving quickly. Need some assistance in your social media posting? Check out our Social Media packages here.


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