3 Great Facebook Marketing Tips (And Yes, They Work!)

Facebook has always been a gold mine for wedding marketers, hasn’t it? Even with competition from popular social media platforms like Snapchat and YouTube, Facebook is truly ahead of the game. That’s why wedding marketers, caterers, florists, DJs, photographers, and numerous other wedding vendors all use it promote themselves and their enterprise.

Calling Facebook ‘the best of the lot’ is not fallacy-we can promise you that. The good thing about this platform is the fact it’s here to stay and with each passing year, it only gets bigger. There are so many ways you can use Facebook to see an appreciable boost in your business and we’ll point them out for you today!

Have a read of the tips below to see what we mean. They are simple things, but they can really give your business that push it needs to see growth.

· Know the Right Category to Choose. Not Everything Will Work Well for Your Business

Let’s get one thing straight: Your business page is NOT your personal profile page. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a wedding florist or you sell bridal gowns; your business page is primarily meant to attract customers. There’s a stark difference between the two, from the way you set them up to the way they look.

You see, when you create your business page, be sure you do so under a particular category. You have about 6 options to play around with and the one you choose should ideally be tied to the nature of your business.

Your business will probably fall under the ‘Local Business’ category. Always be mindful of the category you choose because each has features that may or may not bode well for your type of business.

· Grab a Vanity URL

Optimizing your Facebook business page is imperative, and since there’s a wealth of ways you can do this, it’s only logical for you to start with the ones that yield the best results. One of the first things you should do when setting up your business page is to get a vanity URL. What’s that, you ask?