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3 Things You Should Never Say to a Millennial Engaged Couple

As the largest workforce of the moment, Millennials are your main target audience. Despite their shaky beginnings in adulthood, Millennials are now finally ready to settle down and get married – and that means you should adapt your wedding business’ services and products to suit this generation.

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Don't tell a millennial that "this is how it's done."

Capturing the attention of this generation is different than others and there are certainly things you should never say to a millennial if you want their wedding business.

  • “This is how it’s supposed to be done”. At their core, Millennials are digital hippies. They don’t like rules that exist just for the sake of “ruling”. They are rebels ready to “do it their way” or “no way”. Our advice for wedding professionals is to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the “wedding rules” and how things used to be done. If you absolutely have to suggest to a millennial couple to do something according to old-school etiquette, do make sure to explain the reasoning behind it (e.g. “Doing this will most likely offend some of your guests. Might I suggest a different path…?”).

  • “I’m the best”. Millennials don’t believe in classic sales techniques. They can sense these tactics from a mile away and they are ready to go against this kind of manipulation with all their power. Don’t just tell them you’re the best – tell them why your services are so valued and why so many couples just like them loved working with you. That's what will get their booking.

  • “Everything wedding-related is supposed to be expensive”. Yes, weddings are expensive and yes, there’s a very good reason why everything wedding-related is pricier. However, telling a Millennial couple this will only remind them that their generation has the largest student debt in history and that they cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. Work with your couples to find middle-way solutions that fit their budgets and their dreams. They deserve this!

  • “This is the biggest trend of the year; you have to adopt it”. Millennials value uniqueness more than anything under the sun. While they DO love stealing inspiration from wedding trends, they also love personalizing everything in their life – and their wedding day is no exception.

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