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3 Ideas to Get Fall and Winter Wedding Bookings

When you think of weddings many picture a spring or summer wedding with beautiful sun filled photos. However, this is not necessarily the picture in the minds of every bride and groom. Some may prefer a more cozy, intimate, candle lit backdrop. Are you marketing to this type of couple? If not. you may be missing out on some bookings. Below are some ideas to reach these couples looking to have a fall or winter wedding.

Millennial couples are constantly on the look out to infuse their wedding day with something different than everyone else, therefore you have a growing market to tap into: couples who actually consider getting married during the cool season with a whole slew of interesting backdrops to suggest.

How can you attract fall and winter brides and grooms? We have some tips for you:

  • Show them the benefits. There are a lot of advantages associated with having a winter wedding. Make sure your target audience is well-aware of these benefits by posting about them on your social media accounts and blog. Show them that spring and summer are NOT the only seasons worthy of weddings and that there are plenty of benefits to be had if they want to have a fall or winter wedding instead.

  • Lower the prices. One of the reasons many couples aim for cooler seasons when it comes to their wedding day is, well, their finances. Show them that you have dropped prices for fall and winter and they will much more likely choose you as their venue or vendor for a cool wedding.

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures. Let’s face it: fall and winter weddings look absolutely spectacular. The warm colors of autumn can complement wedding photos like nothing else does, and they can add a timeless, almost nostalgic romantic vibe to them that’s hard to equal. Likewise, the magic of snow can also be a stunning complement to wedding photos – and so can the comfort of an indoor wedding venue decorated in welcoming colors with plenty of hot chocolate and candle light. Show your future brides and grooms what a stunning wedding they could have if they were to settle on the idea of a cool season!

Don't have time to post about fall and winter weddings? Don't worry! We'll do it for you. Why not check out our packages page and then let's chat about how we can get your fall and winter wedding calendar filled with new wedding bookings?


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