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3 Types of Online Content Engaged Couples Love to See From Wedding Professionals

As a wedding business owner, you need to promote your business in a way that not only attracts engaged couples but turns them into booking clients.

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Provide the right content that turns engaged couples looking at you into booking with you.

Digital marketing is an efficient and cost-savvy way to do that. So what type of content should you be providing engaged couples that will actually convert them from looking at your content to booking your wedding packages?

Here are a few types of content to provide:

  • Motivational. This type of content isn’t about weddings or how to handle issues – it’s about helping couples go through the stress of the wedding planning process and inspiring them to create the kind of wedding they've dreamed of. This type of content should be used wisely, though – too much of it and you might become untrustworthy, too little of it and you might look like you lack passion for what you do.

  • Informational. Brides and grooms are always searching for information – new tips and tricks they can implement into their wedding planning process. Be unique, think out of the box, and actually teach engaged couples something – they will appreciate it and come back to your site for more content (which will ultimately lead them down the sales funnel and turn their looking into a booking, when they're ready.)

  • Stories (and photo stories). Create the kind of story that will appeal to the emotions of engaged couples, inspire them, and help them create the wedding day of their dreams. Share your former clients’ stories and subtly incorporate your role in these stories – it’s one of the best ways to help brides and grooms understand what amazing things you can do for them.

Don't have time to do all of this? Don't worry! We'll do it for you. As the Bridal Marketing Group, our team will curate all of the online content you need to attract engaged couples and turn looking into bookings. Why not check out our packages page and let's chat about how our services can help you book more weddings?

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