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3 Tips on Marketing to Couples who are Having a Sustainable Wedding

With so many environmentally conscious people wanting to do their part to save the earth engaged couples are joining a trend to have a sustainable wedding.  When you think of a sustainable wedding the days of use once and done are gone.  Replaced instead by items that can be used after the wedding day.  For instance, instead of using flowers that will only last a few days couples have decided to use planted flowers or trees to decorate with and send home as gifts to family and friends.  Or others have given bags of seeds as parting gifts to plant and remember the day by every time they look at the plant.

Here are some tips to help you stand out to couples looking to use your services at their sustainable wedding.

  • Be sure to include what you do that will draw couples looking for items to include in their sustainable wedding.  For instance, if you are a caterer let them know that you can use local farms or using food that is in season for the time of year that the wedding is.  Or if you are a florist give them ideas of succulents or plants that will add to the theme of the wedding but will be good on the environment.

  • Offer choices.  Make sure to include a choice for the couple.  They may want a sustainable wedding but may not have the know-how.  Give them choices that they can choose from to make a decision that will still be personal to them.  They more ideas and tips and trends that you know they will look to you as the expert.

  • Social Media.  Now a day's couples do their research online.  Be sure to set yourself up as the one that they are constantly go to online.  Make your Social Media current and constant.  Having posts on Facebook, Instagram and Blogs that they are excited to see what new thing you have is a must.  Having several posts, a week keeps you on top and on the minds of potential clients.

Running a business is hard work and add to it constantly changing trends can seem to be overwhelming.  But you can be set up as the expert in your field.  Keeping on top of the latest and greatest is what is going to keep you in the front of minds of couples planning their weddings.  Feeling like it is just too much to handle?  That is what we do.  Go to our website here and check out our Social Media Packages to get you our front.


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