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3 tips to Help you Market Your Wedding Profession to Couples Wanting an Intimate Wedding

With Fall on the horizon there are some trends that are picking up momentum.  One of those trends that may be in part from the Corona Virus is an intimate and a more relaxed setting.  Many couples have decided that this is the kind of wedding that they would prefer. Or it may be that the area they are in requires less guests due to social distancing.  How do you as a wedding professional make sure that you are staying on the minds of these couples.

Here are some ways you can tailor your marketing to the different needs of couples.

  • Are you flexible when it comes to the type of wedding that you will be involved with?  As you know couples are all different and have different wants and needs.  From the wedding dress, the cake, vendor and so on the differences are numerous.  The more you are able as a wedding professional to tailor your service to all types of needs the more clients you will reach and book.  For instance, if you are a wedding vendor market your space in different settings.  If you have a large vendor market that to couples who are wanting a large wedding and will need the space to hold the number of guests they are having.  But can you also market to those who will want a more intimate space?   Perhaps think of different ways that you can offer a smaller more intimate package for couples who are looking for this type of event.  As always be sure to post your ideas on your Social Media.

  • Do you have Blogs?  Facebook and Instagram? Be sure that you are fully using these avenues of marketing possible.  Not only is the content and photos important but also the consistency is necessary.  Couples want to know that you are on top of the trends that are happening now.  The more you can offer as far as tips and trends the more brides and grooms will feel like you are an expert in your field and will use you for their big day!

  • Make sure that your website has your profession very clearly identified.  Making your website user friendly is important.  Have your Social Media links in an area that people can see clearly where they are.  If someone is visiting your website and cannot navigate around it in a timely manner and find what they are looking for they will move on to a site that they can. 

With Corona Virus still on the minds of people and the world changing constantly, staying on top of the newest and greatest can seem overwhelming at times.  But you are not alone!  That is what we do.  Stay focused on your expertise and we can do ours.  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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