Tips on Marketing to Couples if You are a Wedding Venue

With restrictions still on for the number of guests couples can have at their weddings how do you as a wedding venue book weddings during the virus?  What will make you stand out from other venues in your area?

Here are some tips to help you stand out.

  • Many couples now are looking for venues that offer spaces that may not be as grand or expensive as a venue that holds more guests than the restrictions allow.  If your venue has smaller options feature these first.  If not, possibly you could offer a discount on a space that they may not use the whole area for their wedding.  Now that they are only allowed a certain number of guests at their wedding many couples are looking to cut costs.  However, have options as some still want the extravagant wedding of their dreams even if the guest list is smaller.

  • Are you a venue that offers an all in one package?  Do you cater, have a photographer, florist and lodging for wedding party and guests? Then make sure that your website has all the information that couples are looking for.  Millennials especially are looking on Social Media for information and they want all the information you can give right now.  Being in a generation of instant info that is what they have come to expect.  Planning a wedding is no exception.  Be sure to also if possible, list prices as they most likely will have a budget that they are trying to keep.

  • Are you a venue that does not offer an all in one package?  Now more than ever professionals are working together and cross promoting other wedding professionals' field of work.  Get together a list of wedding professionals in your area and set up a zoom meeting to see if this is a possibility for you.  You can work together to come up with different options that will appeal to different couples who have different personalities and budgets.  This is a great way to promote yourself and others in the wedding field.  As they say, “we are all in this together.”

We are all still learning to deal with the different world and restrictions that we are now living in.  Despite the challenges and learning curves we are all starting to adjust to the new normal that is today.  Do you want help with your Social Media?  Click here to learn more about how we can help you be the venue couples will turn to.