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4 Places to Get Content for Your Wedding Blog & Social Media Accounts

As a wedding professional, you realize that posting on your blog and social media sets you up as the expert and someone worth booking. The problem is..content. What do you post and where do you get photos if you've already used all the ones from events you've done?

We've got 4 different ideas for you on where to get content for a wedding blog and social media accounts below:

  • Customer Generated Content - Search your business name on Instagram and Facebook and look for customers who have tagged your wedding business. Then use a program like InsTake Downloader to copy the content and upload it to your own social media pages as a #repost. The program automatically puts in the proper elements needed to ensure that you're re-posting content the legal way.

  • Use Content From Your Blog - Write a blog article that has helpful wedding planning tips and use photos from past events..even if you've used them already. Simply use a program, like Canva, to add some emoji or other feature that will make the photo look different. Once you've uploaded your "new" photo to your blog, post a link to the blog article itself on social media. This will automatically pull the photo over and voila', you have fresh content to use. Plus, you're on your way to setting yourself up as the expert in the wedding industry and worth booking.

  • Get Content from Stock Image Platforms - It's perfectly acceptable to use stock images that are either educational or stir emotions. Some of our favorite places to get stock images for wedding blogs and social media accounts is Canva, Pexels and Unsplash. These are free to use and most are of great quality. As long as you don't say that the work portrayed in the photos is your work, you can use them for posting tips, trends and wedding planning ideas. For an example of how we do this for our clients with limited photos, search on Instagram for #foodart801

  • Use Non-Customer Generated Content - Cross promoting and posting content from other wedding professionals in your area is an excellent way to not only get content for your own social media pages but to promote others you work with. They, in turn, will promote you. Just make sure that you tag and give them credit. It's a win-win! For an example of how we use cross promoting type content for our clients, search on Instagram for #djaaronlane .

Of course, all of this is time consuming! But that's what we're here for. We'll do it all for you and use the correct hashtags that will put your posts in front of the right audience so that you book more weddings. Yes, we guarantee our work.

Ready to see how we'll transform your social media and blog to a lead generating machine? Click here to schedule a meeting with us and we'll show you.

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