4 Blog Topics that will Attract Engaged Couples to Your Wedding Business

Being in the wedding business is great, right? Despite the last year of cancelled and rescheduled weddings, we all made it through. Couples are now more than ever scouring the internet for new ideas and making plans for their upcoming weddings. To get customers, you have to take advantage of the numerous online mediums available to you. Writing wedding blogs is one of the fastest, most effective and-surprisingly-cheapest ways to make a name for yourself, advertise your brand and increase your clientele.

But you can’t just write whatever feels right, can you? There are a number of topics you can write on that will grab curious couples attention and keep them coming back for your next blog. The ones listed below never fail to meet their mark.

· Honoring the Loved Ones Who Passed Away

We all have people dear to us that we’ve lost. After the last year that we have all gone through many have stopped to really consider what family and life meant to them. The couple getting married may have had people they would have wanted to see at their wedding, but fate had other plans. Use this as the main theme of your blog. Talk about how couples can honor loved ones who can’t be there to share the special day with them. Sentiment is a very powerful tool that should not be neglected.

· Enlighten Couples on How They Can Recycle Wedding Items

It’s always good to economize whenever the opportunity presents itself, and weddings provide exactly that. Enlighten the couple on how they can regain some of their money from unused wedding items; even leftover food that was never served. They can sell unused items to other couples or anyone who might be interested.

· The Wedding Trends During Each Season

Not every couple wants to try something unique and completely new; there are couples who are