4 Reasons Why Wedding Professionals Should Be Posting on Instagram

Brides used to talk about Pinterest and the pictures they look at for inspiration. Now, the buzz is Instagram. That is why Instagram is such a powerful tool for marketing to brides and grooms right now

Here are 4 reasons why posting to Instagram daily is crucial for the success of your wedding business - and how to do it:

Post daily and use the right hashtags on Instagram to attract more engaged couples to your wedding business.

  • Instagram has more than 1 billion users. Instagram may not have as many users as Facebook has, but they are far more targeted in terms of their interests and their connection to weddings. So, while a large portion of the Facebook users might be interested in everything ranging from rocket science to tractors and from weddings to thrifty living, Instagram users are all about making dreams come true. And you, as a wedding vendor, are in the business of making dreams come true.

  • Instagram focuses on the pretty. It might seem trivial, but brides and grooms are searching for inspiration online – and Instagram will help you create the kind of image that is directly tied into what they are seeking: luxuriousness, beauty, elegance, and style. The filters, the layout, the very style of Instagram – they are all connected to the ideals of the perfect wedding. 

  • Hashtags! With a bit of research and good targeting, you can use hashtags to put your business right in front of your perfect type of bride or groom.  

  • Post daily. If you expect to stay on the radar of engaged couples so that when they're ready to book services like yours they think of you, then you MUST post daily. Your posts are pushed down everytime someone in a couples feed posts. Now think about how many that could be? Friends, family and other businesses they follow are posting daily. Don't get buried in the constant stream of content being posted.

  • Ads. Instagram advertising can be a treasure trove of new leads when done right. Target the exact audience you're looking for and run the ads at the perfect time of day to ensure success.

Don't have time to worry about all this? Don't worry, we'll do it for you. Why not check out our packages page and see what type of social media services we provide wedding professionals?




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