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4 Reasons Why Wedding Professionals Should Be Posting on Instagram

Brides now more than ever are looking to the internet and Social Media especially for inspiration for their wedding day.

Below are some reasons why posting to Instagram regularly is crucial for the success of your wedding business:

  • Instagram has 600 million active users daily. Instagram is a place to look and see what the latest and greatest is for all kinds of aspects of life. Wedding planning brides are scouring Instagram to see what they can add to their wedding to make it a day to remember. Instagram users are all about making dreams come true. And you, as a wedding vendor, are in the business of making dreams come true.

  • Instagram focuses on the pretty that life has. It's true brides and grooms are searching for inspiration online – and Instagram will help you create the kind of image that is directly linked to what they are seeking: luxury, beauty, elegance, and style.

  • Hashtags! With a bit of research and good targeting, you can use hashtags to put your business right in front of your perfect type of bride or groom.  Millennials especially are into the use of hashtags.

  • Post daily. If you expect to stay on the radar of engaged couples so that when they're ready to book services like yours they think of you, then you need to post daily. Your competition could already be posting on a daily basis and taking the attention off of you. Don't get buried in the constant stream of content being posted.

Don't have time to take care of all this? Don't worry, we'll do it for you. Why not check out our packages page and see what type of social media services we provide wedding professionals?


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