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4 Tips to Help Market to Millennials

Millennials are flooding the wedding market.  The average millennial is very stuck in what they want and have no problem speaking their mind whether they like something or not.  SO, when it comes to marketing your niche in the wedding market how do you make sure that you are marketing it in a way that will make millennials choose you over your competition? 

 Here are some tips to keep close in mind.

  • Millennials are very information hungry.  They want to know all about whatever it is that they are searching for.  Be upfront when it comes to what you offer and pricing.  Be clear in the beginning to avoid issues later in the transaction.  They are very price conscious and want to know what they are spending their money on.  However, they do like to enjoy things that are not cookie-cutter but individualized to themselves.  If you offer something that will make their event stand out let them know.

  • Social Media.  Most millennials gather information from social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Blog articles.  Using these platforms to your advantage can bring more clients.  Knowing what and how to post is very important.  Setting yourself up as an expert in your field and gaining their confidence is what they want.  

  • Photos.  Using photos in social media is very important.  Posting to Instagram, Facebook and your Blog lends itself to promoting different tips and trends that millennials are searching for.  They want to know that they are getting the most current and trendiest ideas going.  Photos as they say can speak more words sometimes than actual words alone.

  • Tips and Trends.  It seems the world today is filled with almost nonstop trends and ideas.  Millennials want to stay on top of the game when it comes to weddings and events.  They are very creative and want their friends to have an unforgettable experience.  Having a wedding that everyone knows the play by play is not on their radar.  They want their event to stand out and be talked about for months to come.

When it comes to marketing to Millennials who are searching for a wedding specialist make sure you are on the top of your game and of your competition.  Keep these tips in mind and millennials who use you will be telling all their friends and family about the great experience they had with you.  Unsure of how to get started and stay in the game?  No need to worry that is what we are here for.  Check out our Social Media Packages that will set you up as the expert in your field here.


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