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4 Tips to Reach the Older, Mature Bride

Many women are focusing on career and themselves today and waiting to walk down the aisle.  Many years ago, brides were in their teens not anymore.  With so many opportunities for women to spread their wings in the business world marriage is often put off until later in life like late 20’s or even in their 30's. 

How do you appeal to the bride who is aware of herself and knows what she wants?  Here are some tips to help you out:

  • The mature bride knows herself and feels confident in her skin.  When reaching out to her be aware of this and instead of giving your opinion, take her vision and build on that.  Taking her ideas into account and complimenting them assures her that you are there to not change who she is but to build on who she is and make her shine even more than she already does!

  • More financially secure.  A bride who has taken care of her own finances for years is in a better position to spend money on things a less mature bride may not be able to.  Depending on the bride she may be more flexible with the pocketbook. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions on things that may be a bit more expensive.    However, also remember that they may have years of experience when it comes to looking for the best deals!  So be prepared for a possibility of having to shop for best prices!

  • With a more mature bride comes a more mature wedding.  A bride who is not a teenager or younger woman has a more mature vision of what she wants her day to encompass.  It is more understated and tends to be a bit more on the elegant side.  She can express herself with less than more!

  • Demographic.  Women who tend to put career ahead of marriage live in areas where there are more job opportunities such as in a city rather than country settings or rural areas.  So be sure to be hitting not just the right people but also the right area!

  • However, it is that you want to attract your older bride stay true to your brand and yourself.  Yet at the same time be flexible enough to meet the needs of the variety of women, such as mature brides, out there!  Although these tips give you a better understanding of how to target older, mature brides still don’t have the time?  No worries, that is what we are here to do for you.  Check out our Social Media Packages for Wedding Professionals here.


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