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4 Ways to Turn Millennial Engaged Couples into Paying Clients

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

With most Millennials now in the work force and ready to settle, you want to make sure your wedding business targets as much of this new, emerging market as possible. Yet, if you don’t live with a millennial or if you don’t have close friends in this generation, you might find it a bit more difficult to connect with them simply because they think so differently than any other generation before them.

So how do you convert millennial website visitors to clients? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Show them you care. Does your wedding business donate to any kind of charity? Or maybe you’re part of a community activity you would never give up? If you’re involved in anything of the sort, show it off on your website. Millennials are a generation that’s dreamy at heart, and they always appreciate businesses that give back to the community.

  • Make sure your site graphics are flawless. As a generation that was raised with computers and pixels from a very early age, Millennials can spot a fake or a bad photo from a thousand miles away. Be sure every single element on your site looks modern, fun, and unique - otherwise, your Millennial couples may feel less attracted to your business.

  • Retarget them. If there’s one thing Millennials hate, it's being spammed. So, if you want to retarget Millennial brides and grooms through AdWords and Facebook Ads, be sure not to do it very often. You really don’t want it to feel like “too much”, because that will have the exact opposite effect.

  • Offer your support. Make yourself easy to reach out to. For instance, a customer support chat box on your site, adding an email address, a Facebook account, and a phone number to your contact details will show potential clients that you care and that you want to answer their questions. Remember, though, most Millennials don’t like phone conversations – so if you want to connect with them then it’s probably best to do it via email or text messages.

Need someone to produce marketing material that grab the attention of Millennial engaged couples? We'll do it for you. Why not check out our packages page and then let's chat about how we can help you book more weddings.

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