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Content Marketing Statistics For Wedding Professionals

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Content is King – and has been for quite some time. Think about it; what is the first thing you do when you need to find a business or get an answer to a question? You Google it! We're so used to information at our fingertips, that when a business doesn't provide that, we move onto the next search and don't give them the time of day.

Not paying attention to the importance of content on your wedding business website, blog and social media pages is a huge mistake – especially when you work in an industry, like the wedding industry, that is heavily reliant on attracting leads online.

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What are some of the most important content marketing statistics you should know?

  • According to CMI & MarketingProfs, 65% of the most efficient businesses have a very well-planned content strategy. At the opposite end of the spectrum, only 39% of the businesses that don’t perform that well admit that they don't have a thorough, well-thought content strategy in place. What does this mean for you as a wedding industry professional? Well, it basically means that if you want to perform well, you need to approach content marketing the smart way and get organized.

  • Studies show that 71% of engaged couples are put off by content that sells to them. Instead of selling, provide engaged couples with genuinely good information: tips and inspiration they can take home and use when planning their wedding.

  • What is the most efficient form of content marketing? Well, according to research, most wedding businesses voted blog articles as one of their top-performing media of communication. Yes, that is right – the big players in the wedding marketing game are giving their veto on blogging and encouraging others to do the same. Why? For the same reason mentioned above: people really hate to be “sold”, and blogging is quite the opposite of that. Blogging creates a real connection between you and your readers and allows you to actually win their hearts and their trust.

  • Content is quite important today – it’s the salt and pepper of the online world and the main way to attract top of the funnel wedding leads and slowly push them towards conversion. It is also a budget-friendly, smart, and long-term investment in your wedding company’s reputation: your articles will be yours forever, and they will continue to enrich your website, your image, your brand forever.

Not sure how to do this or don't have time? Don't worry! We'll do it for you. Why not check out our packages page, book a consultation and let's talk about getting you more wedding bookings.


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