How Long Should My Social Media Post Be?

Thinking about a topic to write on for a social media post can be so hard, but not as hard as figuring out the exact content length that will be appropriate. And this is true regardless of the kind of post you intend to make.

Are you in the wedding business? Do you dish out wedding marketing tips for a loyal fan base that you don’t want to see dwindle? Do you want to attract engaged couples to check out the services you offer? Well then, it’s imperative you understand what the perfect social media post length is.

You wouldn't want to bore your readers with a post that’s too long, would you? Or maybe one that’s so short it fails to convey your message? Also, different networks operate with different 'best practices' which are constantly being updated. This is why we ensure you don't miss out on any new changes with our posts like this. See, Bridal marketing Group always has your back!

When talking about post lengths for your Instagram and Facebook pages, you shouldn't neglect the power of good captions for your images. Good captions drive traffic to you and promote your wedding business.

Let's now see the post length best practices for Instagram and Facebook in 2020.

  • Caption Length on Instagram

Instagram is a social network where images and videos take the center stage, unlike the others. Wedding vendors, in particular, have found much success on this platform. Wedding caterers, wedding DJs, wedding photographers, and more all make good use of this, and so should you! In other words, it is media-centric. However, in order for you to get an optimal engagement with your followers, you need to add a caption to all your media posts.

As it stands today, Instagram captions can reach up to 2,200 characters with the whole post containing up to 30 hashtags. These 2,200 characters will obviously require your readers to click the 'see more' button to be able to read everything.