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How to Celebritize Yourself So That You Book More Weddings

What does it mean to "celebritize" yourself? It means that engaged couples look at you as the expert which in turn gets them begging you to take on their wedding. Most people would love to be able to say, "David Tutera designed my wedding." Why? Because he's a celebrity. Yes of course, his work is incredibly beautiful but it's his "celebrity" that is his super power. Without that, he would just be another wedding pro with amazing work and let's be honest, there are hundreds of pros that do amazing work. So what makes YOU stand out as the one to book?

CAN WE TURN YOU INTO A CELEBRITY? We set you up as the expert and somewhat of a celebrity in engaged couples minds:

  • We ghostwrite blog articles with how-to tips, trends and cross promote with other wedding professionals in your area. This shows engaged couples that you have your pulse on the industry and on who's who. Plus, it sets you up as the expert.

  • We post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts everyday as you. This lets engaged couples know that you're still in business, hip and trendy and highlights your expertise without being "salesy." And you don't have to waste your time doing it. :0) Plus, as your pages fan base grows, so does your celebrity status.

  • We take your blog articles and promote them with Facebook ads as well as in Facebook Groups. Yes, we find the best Facebook Group to join and post on your behalf. Everything we do is without being "salesy" and that sets you up as an expert, not desperate...but it works to attract engaged couples to you.

  • We also create Google ads for your business and ensure that you pull up when engaged couples search for your type of business in your area. It's important to do this right so that you attract your perfect audience.

Ready to see how this will work to attract engaged couples to your business? Schedule a free strategy session by clicking here.


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