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How to Deal With Brides and Grooms Who are Mean

Ideally, working in the wedding industry should only feel rewarding and heart-warming – and while it most definitely is like that most of the times, there are also times when you have to deal with clients who are less than perfect.

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Don't allow brides and grooms to be mean to you. It will burn you out.

What do you do when you have stumbled upon a bride who really doesn’t like anything about your services, but continues to work with you? What do you do when the entire family of the groom dictates your every step as a wedding professional? What do you do when BrideZilla, MomZilla, and even GroomZilla are taking over your sleep?

Here are a few tips to keeping your cool when dealing with hard to handle customers:

  • Be very honest from the beginning. Promise what you can deliver and never more. It’s always better to promise less and exceed a couple’s expectations, rather than promise more and deliver less. Be very clear with your brides and grooms and explain to them what your services are all about: what you do, what you don’t do, and where you can recommend another wedding specialist to take care of a special request.

  • Communicate and over-communicate. In this business, there’s no such thing as over-communication. You want every single step of the wedding process on your side to be well conveyed. You want their feedback before it’s too late and you have already ordered three thousand roses. You want to permanently stay in touch with your clients.

  • Don’t allow them to be rude to you. It’s one thing to be really helpful and kind to your clients – it’s what this business is all about. However, allowing a bride to torment you with emails and even phone calls at 11 pm and allowing them to simply trash your work will not make anyone happy – it won’t make the bride happy, and it will most definitely not make you happy. In time, frustration can build up and ruin the enjoyment of what you do. If a couple is just too bad to work with, re-consider your options and politely tell them you will stop working with them if the situation continues.

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