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How to Help Couples Answer Questions for Their Wedding Guests

Although couples who are planning to walk down the aisle are the ones most affected by the Corona Virus, the guests may have questions as well. As a wedding professional no matter what field, you are in can help couples' answers questions for their guests. What are some ways to make sure that you are standing out as a helpful wedding professional?

Here are some tips to help.

  • People all over the globe are affected by the Pandemic and it has changed the way weddings are conducted. Therefore, many questions have arisen not only from the couple but also the guests who want to attend the wedding in some format. No matter what field you are a wedding professional in no doubt these changes have impacted your business as well. You are aware of the issues that have come up due to restrictions. Use your Social Media to not only empathize with your followers and potential customers but also to offer solutions and answers to the many questions that they are concerned with. Write posts that get a feel for what people are concerned with when it comes to attending a wedding. Perhaps on your Instagram and Facebook you can ask questions that will get people talking about their concerns. Then be sure to answer or respond back to comments. This will show your commitment to helping and your will get the conversations going on your social media accounts which in turn will help you build your business.

  • Make effective use of your website. Do you have a blog article that you can write weekly blog articles that will offer useful tips and show trends that are picking up? If so, make your articles a length that will not be too wordy or lose your audience. Also consider using information that you have gathered from your social media posts that people said where their concerns about attending a wedding and reception. Be sure to put your blog link in an area on your website that will not be missed by those visiting your site. Your blogs could offer a tip on safe ways to have food at your reception if you are a caterer. Or if you are wanting to help answer questions for couples who want their guests to feel comfortable at their wedding offer suggestions on ways couples can communicate this to their friends and family.

There will most likely be more changes as we continue to deal with this pandemic. But as we have seen so far, we are resilient and can adjust to changes. Be sure to keep up with your marketing efforts so you can stay on top! Need some assistance? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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