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How to Market Changing Wedding Trends

Just because the size of a Wedding and reception is now restricted due to Corona Virus still affecting the world that does not mean that the vision of the Bride and Groom needs to change.  Many couples although they must forgo having some friends and family at their big day, they don’t have to ditch the extravagant day they have been planning.  So how do you as a Wedding Professional pivot your message and market to these changing trends?

Here are some ideas that you can consider.

  • When it comes to smaller, more intimate weddings whether they are outside or in a venue space, the wedding décor for the ceremony and the reception does not need to suffer.  Many couples still want the statement making wedding that they have dreamed of.  So as a Wedding Professional what can you do to help make all their dreams possible?  Offer suggestions and tips on how to make more intimate weddings still as jaw dropping worthy as a big, grandiose wedding.  For instance, if you are a wedding vendor and you can have fireworks at wedding receptions let your followers know.  Put together packages and give them ideas of when to have the big event happen.  Nothing says “wow” like a firework entrance or exit.

  • If you are a Wedding decorator or vendor that offers decorations with your venue use information on your Website and Social Media that couples planning a wedding will find useful.  For instance, when it comes to smaller weddings couples may choose to “fill” the empty space with larger more noticeable decorations.  Offer tips and trends such as using over-sized centerpieces that will take the emptiness of the room and fill it with awe.  Make good use of your Social Media by staying on top of the latest trends and showing that you are in the know.  This builds confidence and helps them make the decision to book with you.

  • As always and a very important way to grab new clients is by the way you use your Blog articles.  If you do not have a Blog on your website yet now is a good time to get one added.  With all the information on the web you do not want to be left out of the loop.  Use your blog to suggest tips and trends.  People are always looking for new ideas on how to plan their perfect wedding.  Make sure you are the expert that they are turning to.

Trends come and go and change daily.  Set yourself up as the expert in your field.  Not sure where to start?  Let us take this task off your shoulders.  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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