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How to Market to Couples Struggling With Wording on Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations are among one of the first things on the wedding to-do list. Couples vary as to the approach they want to take with their invites especially know that the world is in the middle of a pandemic that limits the number of guest couples can invite to their ceremony/reception. What can you do to market your wedding invitation services so that you can reach couples who are looking for the best invitations to their big day?

Here are some ideas.

  • As previously mentioned, we are dealing with changes that have accompanied the Corona Virus. A new trend that has been born out of this is the change-the- date or unsave- the-date announcements. Couples who have previously planned their wedding and sent out or informed family and friends of their wedding dates have decided to add a little humor to announcements that their wedding date had changed. After all it is better to have a laugh than cry about all the changes. Humor lightens the mood and helps relieve the stress that comes along with changes. Do you as a Wedding Invitation expert share these types of trends with your clients and potential clients? Staying on top of trends and tips that are new and exciting and then sharing this knowledge through your social media marketing sets you up as the expert and shows couples who are looking for invitations that you are the company they should use for their wedding.

  • Another trend that has come about as of late is that of micro weddings or small intimate occasions. Due to the need to social distance and the restrictions that are set in many states couples have had to change the invite list. This for many has caused a lot of stress for couples as they do not want to leave any family or friends out. Do you have suggestions as to how you can help couples navigate this difficult decision? For instance, you could write blog articles that offer wording for invitations inviting some virtually that couples can send to friends and family explaining the need to limit those who can attend their wedding in person. This is a good way of including those who can't attend the ceremony physically while making them feel like the couple still want them there even if their attendance is virtual. Writing blog articles that have a solution to problems that couples are currently experiencing shows you are committed to helping in your field of expertise and builds confidence with clients.

Weddings are continuing to happen, just with a twist. Staying on top of your field depends a lot on how you are staying on top of your marketing. Posting regularly to Instagram and Facebook and writing great blog posts are a wonderful way to do this. Need someone to help you in this area? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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