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How to Market to Couples who Are Planning Virtual Weddings and Events

Although the Coronavirus has caused the incline of certain trends many experts feel that a lot of the trends that we have seen been born due to necessity may stick around even after the virus has passed.  Many couples have found that some of these trends have worked out great and would recommend them to other couples.  One of these trends is Virtual weddings and events.  How do you get on the list of wedding professionals who offer this trend?

Here are a few ideas for you to try.

  • Perhaps you are a wedding and event planner.  What are some ideas that you can give potential clients?  Many have found that if you are unable to meet in person having a Face Time or Zoom meeting has worked out great.  Not only has it made it safer considering the virus it has also saved time.  Couples have busy schedules and trying to nail down a time in the middle of a work week is hard.  Being able to do a meeting via internet early in morning before work or later in the day after both are home has been advantageous to both. Be flexible with your schedule and get savvy when it comes to setting up and inviting people to Face Time and/or Zoom meetings. 

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.  Many couples have decided to move ahead with their wedding despite the virus.  However, they are unable to have the amount of people that they were originally planning due to restrictions.  Therefore, many have had the help of planners to set up virtual parties where they are able to still enjoy the support of their friends and family without the expense of travel.  Offer tips and ideas as a wedding professional that they can do for their event.  

  • Use your Social Media to let people know all the avenues you as a wedding expert have come up with to still have a great wedding event despite not having everyone you wanted there in person.  Do videos where you share ideas and tips on how to use these online tools correctly.  Offer to help where needed and come up with virtual packages that offer a variety of ideas to make the event fun.   As a DJ you could offer a package that you will do a virtual dance party.  Whatever your expertise is in the wedding field there are ways to make appointments and plan via internet.  Use them to the full!

Despite all the challenges this virus has brought there have been some learning curves that may help in the post virus world that will cut down on cost and time that we can still use.  Be sure to let couples know that you are one of the experts who stays up with the times.  Need help?  Check out our Social Media Packages and see what we can do to help.


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