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How to Market to Grooms or Couples Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring

The is a moment of excitement for the bride when the man of her dreams slips it on her finger after she accepts his proposal. The way couples look for and purchase a ring may vary from couple to couple depending on what they want to do. For instance, a groom may want to surprise the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. On the other hand, a couple may feel that shopping together is a great way to bond while creating a memory together. Either way how do you make sure that you are capturing both shoppers?

Here are some things to consider.

  • Rings come in all shapes and sizes. So do wedding proposals. One groom may have every detail of how is going to surprise his girl including choosing the ring himself. Another groom may be a little more skeptical about deciding what she would want. This calls for flexibility in the area of marketing. You want to be sure to include both these types of ring shoppers. Use your website to display some of the rings that you have in stock and what options there may be to each ring. Write blog articles that will give the groom who has no idea where to start but wants to surprise his bride. Perhaps you could offer some clues on how to bring the subject up without giving away the reason for the questions. Offer ideas of how to figure out her ring size and what type of ring she would want. Use your blog articles to offer tips and trends so that he will be able to if it is the choice made to choose the ring she will shed tears of joy over.

  • Make the experience of ring shopping for what it is.... fun! If the couple have decided that they are going to pick out each other's rings together give suggestions on what to do first. Use your Social Media posts to give ideas of what to discuss and do before the set out to find the perfect rings. You could offer suggestions like doing research beforehand to know what type of style they like, talk about budget so they know the limits or make it a date and go out to dinner after to celebrate their love. Make it clear that when they come to your business to shop that they are welcome to try on as many rings as they want. This is a good idea because they may feel intimidated by the selection that there may be.

Rings have been and will be a big part of the wedding experience. Be sure that your business is being represented in the best light possible through your marketing. Need someone to help you out in this area? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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