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How to Market to Grooms Who Want to Be Part of Wedding Planning

Many grooms want to be part of the wedding planning process now-a-days. They want to enjoy the day with their bride in all aspects of the planning process and wedding day. The groom wants to incorporate his personality and ideas into the wedding so that the process can be a bonding experience for the couple and showcase the two of them coming together to make decisions. As a wedding professional how do you reach out to the groom as well as the bride?

Here are some things to ponder.

  • With any marketing the personalities and likes of each person is different and varies depending on circumstances. So, when planning out your marketing strategy make sure to include a wide range of ideas to reach all types of personalities. Write blog articles full of ideas that range from groomsmen gifts, drinks at the reception or how to choose a playlist that groom’s and their friends will enjoy getting out on the dance floor to. Keep in mind the restrictions in your area when it comes to the Corona Virus. Some areas may not be able to include dancing or even have a reception in the area that they are planning a wedding. Make sure the ideas that your blog articles include are practical and appropriate for the event and space it is being held in. The more ideas that you can convey in your blog articles each week the more likely you are to grow your customer base.

  • Also be sure to include ideas and exciting posts on your Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram. Ask questions to engage grooms in conversations that will get you informed as to what they are wanting. Offer suggestions and answer questions quickly to keep your audience happy and conversing with you often. Be sure also to post a link each week to your blog article on your Facebook page. Couples planning a wedding like to read about the latest and greatest ideas, tip and trends when it comes to planning a wedding. Especially now with all the social distancing and zoom meetings grooms and brides need a little more guidance than before.

Weddings are not all about the brides although many will tell you differently. Instead, be sure to include the other half of the wedding...the groom in your marketing efforts. They may not admit it to their buddies, but many grooms want their voice heard for their big day also! Need some assistance when it comes to social media? Check out our Social Media Packages here.

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