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How to Market Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are changing constantly. This last year the Corona Virus has brought with it the change to a new normal and therefore trends that have been born from it. With so many having to change the vision of their wedding day due to having smaller weddings, outside ceremonies and social distancing options for some trends are starting to catch on and may stick around in the future. So, how can you as the wedding expert that you are set yourself up as the go to?

Here are some things to consider when doing your marketing.

  • Do your research. Are you putting yourself in the brides or groom’s shoes? Search the internet as if you are the one planning the wedding. See what the trends are and add your unique spin on whatever it is you can add to make their event special and stand out. Ask your followers thought provoking questions and post exciting tips that you have done in the past or new things you are excited to try to set you apart from your competitors. Use pictures that will motivate them and picture themselves in the space. Get them to ask you questions because what you have to say intrigues them and makes them want to hear more. Use your blog articles to capture their attention and they will come back for your weekly articles to see what other great ideas you have.

  • Use your social media. With so many starting their search for ideas online you do not want to be left behind. Make your posts on Instagram and Facebook stand out by posting relevant content. People do not want to know necessarily what you do but how you can benefit them. So be creative. Highlight what you do by showing them how you are going to make their event stand out and be one for the books. People like to feel unique and one of a kind so give them ideas that are based on their wants and needs. Do you do virtual appointments where you can get to know the wedding couple personally? Let them know this. The more you get to know about them the more you can tailor your profession to them as a couple.

Keeping up with the times and changes can start to feel overwhelming when you are trying to run a business. This is common. Many professionals do not have the time or know where to begin when it comes to social media. That is ok. We are here to help. Check out our content marketing packages here.


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