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How to Reach Bride’s Looking for Floral Ideas

The world that we live in has had a cloud of darkness around it with all the changes and social distancing we have had to adapt to. So, a burst of colorful florals would no doubt lighten the mood of most. Those who are still moving forward with wedding planning need some guidance on navigating the changes and trends of the new wedding season upon us. How do you as a Floral artist make sure that you are the one brides in your area turn to?

Check out these ideas for your marketing.

  • Be sure to be on top of the latest trends that are happening in the wedding world. For instance, even though the size of the wedding and reception may vary depending on the guidelines in your state the size of floral arrangements has become more substantial. Many brides are not focused on just the bouquets for herself and her bridal party. Some have decided to make a statement with florals by creating large ceremony backdrops or using floral designs as canopies to walk under to their “I Do’s”. If you have creative ideas and/or photos of designs that you have come up with post about them on your Social Media. Use your Instagram and Facebook as places to showcase your work and make it easy for potential clients to contact you for more information.

  • Write blog articles on your website that give brides inspiration for their own weddings. Some brides have been planning their wedding day since they were little girls, but some brides are lost as where to start and need someone to guide them with ideas. Write articles that will catch the attention of readers who are looking for something that is not cookie cutter or done at every wedding people have attended. Do you have creative ideas for designs that they could do to incorporate their names or initials? Use phots that are bright and will compliment your work and make it stand out. Clients want to see an idea and be able to envision what it will be like for their own event. If you do not have a blog on your website, you should consider adding one. Blogs are a good way to get your ideas voiced and heard.

Even though weddings have changed flowers are still very much a part of wedding ceremonies and receptions. Be sure that you are setting yourself up as the expert and the one to turn to for creative and unique floral ideas. Need some assistance with your Social Media? Check out our Social Media packages here.


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