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How to Reach Brides Searching for a Makeup Artist

When they are young many girls dream of the day they will walk down the aisle to their prince charming. Every detail is imagined from the ceremony to the reception. One very important detail is how the bride will look. She wants to be able to see herself in her wedding photos and know that she will be beautiful. This involves her makeup. Are you a make-up artist wanting to book more brides for your services?

Here are some tips to help you in your marketing.

  • Each bride is unique when it comes to her style and idea of what is beautiful for her. Do you as a makeup artist showcase your unique ways of making a bride feel the best she can on her wedding day? Use your Social Media in a way that will make you stand out for brides who are still looking for the perfect artist for their wedding day. Use your Instagram and Facebook to voice your ideas and tricks that you have learned over the years to perfect your craft. Post tips and ideas that can help those brides out that have no idea of where to start when it comes to makeup. Do you have consultations that will make the bride feel more at ease? Post about this. Let brides know what you offer and help them feel compelled to start a conversation with you. Be sure to answer any inquires in a timely manner and keep them interested in your brand.

  • Use your website as a tool to draw people to your business. Do you have a blog article that you are posting interesting and motivating content to? If not, you should check into adding one as this is a great way to draw more interest in your business. If you do have a blog are you using it to the full? Writing articles that will get people to come back to your site will help to boost your followers and create more clients for you. When you write blog articles (and hopefully you are regularly) use your Facebook to link them to your website so that people will not only be reading about what you do but will be able to contact you and hopefully book your services.

Making the bride feel beautiful is an important step in the wedding day. And what bride doesn’t want to spoil herself and possibly her wedding party and have someone step in and take care of the makeup for the day? Need some help when it comes to marketing your business? Check out our Social Media Packages here!


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