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How to Reach Couples Looking for A Wedding Venue

As we are still learning to navigate the uncertainty that comes with the Corona Virus, couples are learning to re-imaging their wedding and reception. Many couples have had in mind what they want for a Wedding Venue but now with all the restrictions on size and social distancing they have had to go with alternate plans. So, what can you as a Wedding Venue do to reach couples and be sure you are on their list of possible locations for their wedding/reception?

Check out these ideas.

  • Social distancing has brought about a new normal for many events including weddings. One way that couples have decided to do this is by having an outdoor wedding. Many couples have changed their vision of their wedding from indoors to a more social distancing friendly venue. A great way to do this is by having a wedding/reception in one place. Are you a venue that offers a beautiful outdoor space that can be set up with a tent that can accommodate the couple's ideas for a more scaled down wedding? Let them know about all the outdoor options that you offer. Use your website to the fullest. Put together packages that will showcase the landscape at your venue and help them see themselves there. Use photos in your blog to show some of the ideas you put together for a smaller, yet intimate beautiful day. Write blog articles that will make them forget all the changes that have made them adjust their wedding. Inspire them to feel that their new normal is better than they thought would be possible.

  • Are you a venue that offers a one stop place for all things wedding/reception? Use your Social Media to showcase what you have to offer. Do you cater or work with a cater who will take care of all the food needs? Do you have beautiful backdrops for photos? Let this be known. With all the changes and adjustments couples have had to make this year wedding planning has for some become more stressful. Help them see that you are here to help them navigate all the steps for a great ceremony/reception. Use your Instagram and Facebook to show photos of your venue and what they can expect when they book with you.

The Wedding Venue is a huge part of the wedding. This is one of the first things that couples want marked off their wedding to do list. So be sure that you are marketing your venue correctly and are getting all the bookings you can. Need some help in this area? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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