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How to Reach Couples Planning their Wedding

It is never too early to begin planning a Summer wedding. Here we are already in March and although summer at times feels like it is ages away it will be upon us faster than we may think. A wedding can take months to plan out all the little details to make the bride and groom feel like their wedding will be all they ever wished for. Although this is true there are also those couples who don’t want to wait but want to plan a short notice wedding. How can you as a Wedding Professional make sure you are on the top of the list for couples planning weddings no matter the time frame?

Check out these marketing ideas.

  • Show your flexibility. There are some couples who are spur of the moment when it comes to wedding planning. Some may not have a long complicated list of wants for their wedding and may not need extended periods of time to plan a wedding. On the flip side there are many who want every detail planned in advance from the Gown down to the music list the Dj will play at their reception. Make sure that you are marketing to both these types of couples. For instance, are you a wedding gown boutique? Use your Social Media and Website to get the message out that you are a boutique that specializes in all seasons of gowns. Do you have gowns that can be ordered or that are in stock also for the last minute bride? Let your social media audience know this. Post pictures of all types of gowns from those that may take longer to get to the ones that the bride can leave your boutique with. This will show your flexibility and willingness to work with all types of brides.

  • Make good use of your Blog Articles. Blogs are designed for people who are searching for tips and trends that are currently happening. Couples planning their weddings are looking to the web for ideas that they can implement on their big day to make memories that will last a lifetime. Your blog articles can be the ones that will inspire couples to try new things or to put a spin on a long used wedding tradition. For example, are you a bakery that specializes in unique wedding cakes or have ideas that they can use other than cake? Write blog articles to get people excited on your creative vision of cake or no cake at their reception. Use photos that are clear and help them to picture you designing a cake tailored to them as a couple. Don’t have a blog article? Now is the time to think about adding one. These articles can grow your audience and in turn create new clients.

Weddings are each unique in themselves and so are each couple. The time each couple takes to plan their wedding varies. You can set yourself up as an expert in your field no matter how long the planning process takes. Need some assistance in this area? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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