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How to Use Online Reviews to Turn Engaged Couples Looking into Booking

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The Internet is one of the first places brides and grooms go to when searching for the right wedding professional in their area – and one of the very first things they do is read reviews.

What should your wedding business reviews really say about you? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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Be responsive, trendy and accessible.

  • That you are responsive. Brides are quite stressed out with their wedding day, so they want their wedding professionals to be available through as many channels as possible, as much of the day as possible too. They want to know you are responsive and that they can actually communicate with you – and this is one of the first things they’ll look for when reading a review.

  • That you are timely. The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is a wedding cake that’s late or a DJ that doesn't show up. Your potential clients want to know you are timely with everything you do – and your reviews should reflect that. So ask past clients to review your services and ask them to talk about your timeliness specifically.

  • That you are professional. Couples pay serious money to make sure their wedding is perfect – and in order for that to happen, they need true professionals to stand by their side. They don’t want to hire amateurs – if they did, they would have probably asked their friends to help with half of the wedding tasks. Brides and grooms are ready to pay for their services, but they expect the utmost professionalism from you – and, again, your reviews should reflect this as well.

  • That you deliver quality. Being professional and timely are both great qualities regardless of what business you may run. But when it comes to wedding clients, you want to go far beyond that. You want to deliver quality in everything you do. You want no trace of sloppiness. You want to wear your smile like it’s your best accessory. You want to be attentive to details. You want to make couples HAPPY on their wedding day. And you want to be consistent with all of this. These qualities should absolutely be reflected in your wedding business reviews!

Don't have time to keep track of your online presence? Don't worry! We'll do it for you. Why not check out our packages page and then let's chat as to how we encourage more engaged couples looking at you to become your booked clients?

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