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Marketing for the Changing Trends When It Comes to the Wedding Cake

Having cake (Or a form of) at weddings is a tradition that has and will stand the test of time.  Who doesn’t like a good piece of cake or watching the bride smash a piece on her new husband’s face?  With so many different cake bakers in the world today how do you stand out and get brides and grooms to have you make theirs?

Here are some things to think about in your marketing. 

  • Couples getting married and planning their weddings make many decisions on what to have at their wedding reception.  One of the biggest decisions besides saying yes is the wedding cake.  Couples want their cake to make a statement and for it to not only look good but taste amazing as well.  When you are marketing your talents as a cake artist be sure to list the things that you do that are unique to you and make you stand out from the bakery down the street.  Perhaps you have a flavor concoction that you have perfected and would blow their taste buds away.  Market this!  Don’t give away your recipe but show your creativity.  Couples want to have something that is not the same as every other wedding they have attended.

  • Couples are no longer set on just one cake.  Many couples have gone for a form of cake such as cupcakes because they are easy to serve and they can have a few different varieties to please the tastes of all their friends and families.  Be sure that your website shows all the different options that you offer.  Have pictures that are clear and alluring to your potential clients.  Get their taste buds going just by looking at your website and motivate them to make an appointment with you for a tasting.  Perhaps you can offer some sort of incentive for them to make a booking with you.  For example, offer a percentage off a package that you have listed online.  People love looking for money saving values while planning a wedding. 

  • With all the allergies and such that more and more people are dealing with there are more couples who are looking for Wedding cakes that are gluten free or meet the needs of people who need sugar free options as well.   Be sure to list these on your site if that is an option that you provide. 

Keeping your website up to date and your Social Media appealing is a must.  Need someone to help you out in this area?  No problem!  Check out our Social Media packages here.


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