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Attracting Couples To Your Wedding Planning Business

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

With the year 2020 bringing with it Corona Virus, quarantine and the unknown many people are feeling like they want the year to end sooner rather than later.  As couples have had to cancel or delay wedding plans, they have understandably gotten frustrated with the idea of planning during a pandemic.  As a wedding Planner how do you make sure you are reaching these couples to let them know that you are there to put your talents and know how to work for them?

Here are a few tips to consider with your marketing.

  • In many areas the quarantine and shut down have affected many wedding venues and companies in the wedding industry.  Because of this the wedding industry looks different than it has in the past.  With new protocol and regulations when it comes to cleanliness and social distancing the planning process has brought with it more than the usual stress that comes with wedding planning.  As a wedding planner yourself make sure that you are using your website in a way that will draw couples to you.  Make sure your website is user friendly and has information that you want potential clients to know about you that sets you apart from your competition.   The easier it is for people to find information that they are looking for and being able to find contact information the better it is for people to feel comfortable using your services.  

  • Use your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook to post informative and exciting information.  Are there special things venues you work with are doing to navigate the pandemic and make the planning process easier on couples?  Post about it!  Write posts that motivate and get people excited!  Use photos that will showcase vendors that you work with.  Write blog articles and link them to your website so that people can find you and book with you.  Use blogs to give ideas and tips on different things you have done as a Wedding planner that will get them excited to see what you have planned for their big day.  Social Media plays a vital role in marketing especially in the times that we are in today.

Wedding Planning has always been a stressful process for many but you as a professional can show your expertise in your field and make the process seem easy to your clients.  Make sure you are using your marketing tools to their full potential.  Need someone to assist you so you can focus on your profession?  Not to worry that is what we do!  Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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