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Marketing Tips to Grab Couple’s Attention

There are so many different ideas and trends swirling around the internet when it comes to wedding planning. Are you a wedding professional who wants to stand out and be the expert in the eyes of your clients and potential clients? Well, you can. How you ask?

Try these tips.

  • When you post on your social media are you posting interesting content? Content that will stop someone in their search tracks? People are searching for new and exciting ways to make their wedding day memorable and to stand out from every other wedding out there. Are you a wedding cake designer? Do you have some unique ways that you can spruce up a wedding cake and make it reflect the personality of the couple walking down the aisle? Share this information. Offer to meet virtually if possible so that you can interview the couple and get a feeling of their personalities as they meld into one and come to a design decision with them. Interact with your followers. Let them know that you are interested in getting to know them personally so that your work no matter what it is in the wedding industry will come across in a way that conveys their emotions for the day. People love to feel special and that they matter to the person who is help plan one of the most important days of their lives.

  • Writing Blogs is another great tool for reaching people. With so many weddings most likely coming up this year and next thanks to rescheduling due to the pandemic, there are a lot of folks putting their ideas out there for couples to devour. Make sure you are on the hot list if you will of those couples are dying to book. Do you have some ideas that you have come up with to make a normal wedding tradition new and exciting with a unique twist? Wet your potential client's appetite with an interesting and attention-grabbing blog post. Don’t write blog articles currently? This would be something you should consider adding to your website.

Wedding planning is in full swing. Whether it be last-minute planning or longer term planning you want to set yourself up as the wedding expert couples are turning to and booking with. Don't have the time to think about all the ins and outs of this? That is what we do. Let us at Bridal Marketing Group take care of it for you. Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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