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New Trends to Stay On Top Of for 2021 Wedding Season

Wedding trends have always come and go. Some trends seem to have stuck around longer than others. With the pandemic and new trends being born out of necessity these trends may stick around now out of convenience and ease. Despite all the changes couples have been faced with they are still moving ahead and planning their wedding coming up in the next year. With so many that have had to pivot how do you as a wedding professional market some of the new trends?

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Changed are the days, for now, that all brides have appointments set up for in person showings of gowns, bride’s maid dresses, cake tasting etc. Many have chosen to do these necessary wedding details online. If you wedding profession is a caterer or a Bakery that creates wedding cakes, do you offer to set up tastings outside or can you deliver samples directly to the couple? If so, let your followers and potential customers know this. People are looking for easy ways to navigate all the changes that are still happening around us. Make your website easy to use and the service that you offer easily seen. Add a space where perhaps couples can sign up online for an appointment to zoom with you so they can ask all the questions they may have. The more information and tips you can offer the more they will feel like you are the professional they want to use for their wedding.

  • If you offer virtual appointments give your followers and idea of what the feel of the appointment will be. For instance, if you are a bridal gown shop do you have a special way of making the appointment full of emotion that comes along with the bridal gown experience? Let them know your ideas. Brides who have chosen to do virtual appointments to keep themselves and family and friends safe still want the appointment to be special. Use your Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase your ideas. You could offer packages that will add to the appointment. Can you send a care package of some sort to those the bride has decided to include in her virtual appointment. If so, post these or other ideas you have come up with to set your business apart from others.

Virtual weddings and online appointments are becoming the new normal for many couples planning their wedding and for businesses in the wedding industry. Do you want someone to take care of your Social Media Marketing? Check out our Social Media Packages here.


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